Samsung Galaxy S9 the wait is long for something worth

Last year 2016 wasn’t a very great year for Samsung. The only disappointment for the brand was Note Series smartphone. Yes, we are talking about Galaxy Note 7, however, this year the focus of Samsung looks clear. Samsung is taking many safety measures, and it has already being implemented with Samsung Galaxy S8. On other hand, it has also affected its launch; as a result Samsung hasn’t yet released S8, which was scheduled for Feb 2017. The interesting thing is, without the launch of S8, its successor Samsung Galaxy S9 is being rumoured on web, and this device of Samsung is scheduled for the month of Feb 2018.

Recently, it was known that Samsung to launch S8 in the month of March, however, without any official hearings from Samsung, web is going crazier and trolling Samsung for the delay. However, Samsung is just taking time to ensure all the necessities as Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be the best smartphone of Samsung till date. Talking about specs, S8 to carry 6GB and 2K displays for sure. And, Samsung Galaxy S9 will set the new trends with 8GB RAM, and 4K Super AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Concept

Do we require 8GB RAM and 4K display in Samsung Galaxy S9?

The features of Galaxy S9 have been leaked, and per the rumours, this super phone is going to get the 8GB RAM and 4K-display. Both the things are above the standard for high-end smartphone in the market. A few brands including Samsung has already launched a device with 6GB RAM, example Galaxy C9 Pro, and OnePlus 3T. However, no one will settle here. User demands extremely powerful smartphones, so does the big smartphone brands. 8GB RAM in a smartphone, might not be the need, but the doors of freedom are always welcome. With 8GB RAM Samsung Galaxy S9 will definitely perform superior and blazing fast. On other hand, extreme powerful performance affects the battery? If there will be 8GB RAM, then Samsung should also come up with a solution of Battery life.

Super capacitor battery is a myth for Samsung Galaxy S9?

Technology world is receiving advancements merely each day. And, talking about future smartphone we won’t be wrong if something like miracle is the part of the device. 5 years ago, it was difficult to imagine a phone getting half charged in 20 minutes, but technology made it is possible. Yes, we just mentioned about the fast charge technology. Now, imagine how a smartphone world would be better if your smartphone charges in a 1-minute, and it works for whole week. Well, if Smartphone manufacturers made it possible then whole scenario of smartphone industry will be changed. Wouldn’t Samsung Galaxy S9 be the luckiest, if super capacity battery were true?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S9 can become the living fantasy of smartphone lovers, if below Galaxy S9 specifications are true:

  • 8GB RAM
  • 4K native resolution SUPER AMOLED display
  • Super capacitor battery – charge time 1 minute, working time 7 days

With the above features, any smartphone can be the number one smartphone in the world. And, it is too futuristic if we consider the present scenario of the smartphones. No doubt, if Samsung will do it with Samsung Galaxy S9, then Apple will definitely do it with iPhone 8 may be.

The competition forces smartphone manufacturers to bring the best possible or impossible. Without any doubts, the next of Samsung i.e. Samsung Galaxy S9 will not be just a smartphone, it can be a name or new brand for Samsung to define its achievement. And, we Samsung fans will of course welcome such superior smartphone.

The discussed things above, makes Samsung proud about its next launch. Additionally, these are just rumours. However, new possibilities for the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be cleared once Samsung Galaxy S8 makes to the market.

What is the Samsung Galaxy S9 release date?

It can be next Feb 2018, or max March 2018 – Samsung Galaxy S9 release date. But there are other possibilities too, that suggests an early launch which possibly is Dec 2017 – Samsung Galaxy S9 release date.

Samsung Focusing On Correcting Every Little Imperfection

The Galaxy S8 hasn’t reached the stores yet, and Samsung has started with its preparation for developing Galaxy S9. Of course, it is quite earlier than expected by the fans, but rumors say that Samsung has been planning to launch Galaxy S8’s successor very soon. As everybody knows, Samsung is not so good at keeping secrets to itself for a long time; the Korean Company failed to hide the Galaxy S9 leaks before the launch of the phone.

However, we will get along a lot more news about the Galaxy S9 in the upcoming months. The actual reason behind the in advance development of the device is something else. The fact that the company is working some six months ahead as scheduled on the next-gen Samsung Galaxy S9 is that the firm is now focusing entirely on developing high-quality of products and which is indeed going to be great news for the buyers.

Everybody loves the new charismatic Samsung Galaxy S8, and the stocks are running out because of the high popularity and customer’s demand. The Smartphone had amazing high-quality features that amazed the audience; hopefully, Galaxy S9 is expected to gather a bigger audience and a mass production than the previous phone. If we go according to the reports and the rumors, the device may get an earlier launch than expected.

Samsung Galaxy S9

This year the company had to postpone the announcement of Galaxy S8 to deal with the devastating fallout of the Galaxy Note 7 and is ensuring that the next launch does not get a similar fate. According to the reports, a display team has started working on the screen for the Galaxy S9 and is supposed to send samples from mid-April. After which, other specific parts of the device are expected to be developed in segments, such as modules, etc.

Rumors say that Galaxy S9 is expected to be coming in two particular sizes similar to that of Galaxy S8. But the other details about the device are yet to come. A few days back reports also mentioned that the Galaxy Note 7 also known as “The Project Great” is unfinished right now and is under action. The Smartphone will be supposedly having a 6.32 inch of infinite display and a feature of fingerprint sensor assimilated into the screen just like the upcoming Apple iPhone 8.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung is trying its best to build the Galaxy S8’s fingerprint scanner fused into the display, but somehow, it couldn’t get the technology ready for the mass production. The company is looking for ways to do the development work on the phone with perfection. The latest news updates say that the reporters got the news that Samsung is working on a mobile device which is foldable but anything else about the phone hasn’t been disclosed yet. Samsung Galaxy X is scheduled to be launched at least two years later, whereas the rumors say that the first foldable phone would be launching later this year.