In recent times, we have seen social media platforms being used as highly effective online marketing tools and places where even the market giants will come to sell their goods. There are a lot of people who have made brands just over the social media and some of you might be looking forward to take the matter in your hands and build a side business for yourself as well. The facebook pages are one of the best ways of selling stuff online and, considering that, here we tell you how to sell watches on facebook pages.

Creating a page vs buying an old one

First of all, you need a good page and get a lot of likes on it. Many people prefer to create a page from scratch while others opt for purchasing an already created page with decent followers and good engagement rate.

When you create a page from scratch, it is much like you are building everything from the base. You will be able to mold it the way you like and set it up nicely (we will talk about setting pages up next). However, it will require efforts to get audience around.

On the other side, you have an old page that is running for a while and has a decent audience around it. People will engage to stuff that you will be posting on it. However, getting them to like what you are going to post on it and asking them to get involved with it might be a tough ask.

Setting it up

Once you have a page, it is time to set it up. For the one that you just created, you can choose an appropriate brand name and get a few logos to use along the start of your journey. On the other side, the one that you have chosen can also be fine tuned and, if required, you may like to change the name. Make sure that you create a unique identity while setting it up.

Your posts

What you are going to post will matter and as you are starting a watch business it is not necessary that everything you are posting will always be a product. You can post information and hold contests to engage people. Take a look at how to create compelling posts that will help you in keeping the audience engaged to your page. Pop regularly in front of them and do not bore the with posting the products again and again and again. Always make sure that you add some flavor to whatever you are posting so that people like it and in that case they will keep coming back for more.

Branding and advertising

No facebook business is complete if you are not going to spend anything on the branding, marketing, and advertising like gaining more instagram and twitter followers. If you are serious about building a business, then make sure that you use the advertising wisely. Do good research and play with the ad creation for a while before settling on a strategy.

So, this is all about basics of how to sell watches on facebook pages. Make sure that you use key performance indicators to measure your progress as you proceed.