Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, create and evaluate media. It is a responsibility of teachers and parents to aware of children to literacy related to media. They should know how they have to interpret messages presented by social media such as television, newspapers, internet, magazines, radio, video games, books, and other social media channels. They should have proper knowledge about which message is good for them and which is not.

Importance of media literacy

It is important for children and adults because social media is an essential component of life. Social media has become important in the 21st century which made literacy of social media essential. Most of the information given to children and adults are presented by different media technologies. They have to deal with social media on a regular basis. Adults who are media literate can better understand and interpret message conveyed by different social media channels. They know how this message will affect to their activities and what promotional strategies are used by social media channels to affect people. They know how they should be affected from these social media channels.

Benefits of media literacy

Literacy of social media is beneficial for people. They can serve their next coming generations in the best possible way if they are media literate. It is beneficial because literacy of media develops critical thinking ability in people. They can develop critical thinking skills in themselves when they aware of social media channels messages. They understand how media messages shape culture and behaviors in society. They can identify what effective strategies are adopted for target market by different social media channels. They can recognize lies and misinformation spread by messages of social media. They have an idea whether they have to believe in the particular message conveyed by social media or not.

Poverty reduction

Poverty is a big problem faced by the majority of people across the world.  They have to face different issues due to poverty. They cannot meet their basic needs to maintain their life. They face inequality issues in society. They cannot make them satisfy with their life even not sustain their life. Each country in the world is facing poverty problem. There is a need to reduce poverty as much as possible. For this purpose, people have to take steps individually, and the government has to take steps by providing various facilities. Also, knowledge and education are more important for raising the standard of life. Education helps poor people to take steps by themselves.

Media literacy in poverty reduction

Media literacy is an important component of reducing poverty to a great extent. When people become literate and know how to deal with social media, they can analyze different issues affected by social media. They well understand how it affects to major areas of their live such as behavior and economy issues. Knowledge of media is an important component for people. They can eliminate various deficiencies when they have proper knowledge of social media. They cam raise their standard of life by properly understanding and analyzing messages conveyed by social media. When they put their effort to raise their standard, they try to reach themselves at the level of other normal people in society. Equality of people gives satisfaction to human. They effort to reduce deficiencies in their life by getting an education. They try to fulfill their needs by finding ways provided by social media. Poor people can meet their basic needs when they get an education and are aware of by social media. Social media helps poor people through different channels.

So, media literacy helps to eliminate poverty by providing education and awareness.